The Guitar Solos

by Jeffrey Aarons

I'm So Glad

This is a very simple tune again in the key of E as is "Spoonful", "Cat's Squirrel", and "I Feel Free".

Eric begins the intro finger picking style with an interval progression up to the fifth fret and back down again chromatically. This interval is a staple of delta blues similar to his treatment of the Bluesbreaker song, "Ramblin on my Mind" where he employs the same chromatic intervals consisting of the fifth and third strings with the E string used a pedal tone. If one listens closely to the tune "Deserted Cities of the Heart" (on Wheels) Eric again utilizes this chromatic blues interval progression with a different spin and effect for that tune.

In "I'm So Glad". Clapton flows into an easy set of laid back open D and E chords with some possible fifth position D chords thrown in etc..After the main verses (featuring some lush harmony) end Eric overdubs his Les Paul for a brilliant melodic solo.

This solo take a different approach as opposed to Eric's more typical modal work. It tastily integrates elements of the dominant seventh scale, while flowing these notes up and down the third string employing fluid, lush, vibratos and huge string bends toward the end when he settles back into modal form. His picking features his typical masterful use of variable pressure for tonal effect.

At the finish of the solo, he repeats the intro and the song goes from until the last verses where they sing (obviously with overdubbed harmonies) without instrumentation then end on one big E chord. This recording has been available in both artificial stereo and mono.

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Jeffrey Aarons, 1999