BBC Sessions


“Includes 22 tracks (20 previously unreleased!)

Booklet features rare photos, session info & essay”

Rare Photo?

This set is licensed from the BBC to Polydor and the cover hype (above) is a load of crap.

These recordings, except for one track, have been available on bootlegs for decades.  Why? - because the BBC couldn’t be bothered.  Now they have to release them because us old Cream fans are dieing – the market is shrinking, so let’s cash in before we are all dead, or wait for Eric to cark it?  They are cashing in.

The fact is that the best of the bootlegs is a lot better sounding then this “Official Collection” and a damn side more complete (100 + min vs 65).  The addition of a previously unknown “Crossroads” is welcome but far from overwhelming.  The sound of this new track is only marginally better then the off-air tracks on the bootleg.  It is interesting as it shows another stage in the evolution of a masterpiece - Eric seems to be trying to express his mastery of the blues guitar in as economic a way possible.  In 1968 he achieved that goal.

So why not get it all together and just be honest about the quality?  We’d buy it anyhow – the company bozos don’t have a clue.


Rare photos? – got ‘em all.  Been published here and there (like this one but this is the full version [didn't they like the EC crotch shot?]), and where is Robert Whitakers’ credit?


Session info/Essay – check out my site, why not save their money and just give my URL  No new insights just the recycling  the same old stuff.


Production and remastering? – non existent.  I gave Bill Levinson the benefit of the doubt on the TWTD set, but not on this.  This is a quick and nasty digital remaster.  Set the digital filters, declickers and let it rip.  The result is a harsh sound with lots and lots of digital artefacts.  They reduced the tape/disk noise but bugger the musical sound.  Oh, and don’t worry about tidying up the recording volume variations or getting the pitch consistent.  A days work on the computer at best, if they spent any longer for this shit they are incom…”

Its about time the industry got together with the serious collectors and people with real ears to put proper collections together.  Its been happening in jazz for decades but Rock is continuing its old rip-off ways. 

All the companies do is complain about internet rip-off.  Well I spend over $5,000 a year on CD’s and I am sick of crap (production not music) like this at premium prices. 

Why should I spend my money on this when I have got a much better version for almost nothing? But I still did – I am pissed. At least Jack and Ginger will get some royalties but probably not much.

(I am advised that a new version is in preparation including some truely rare photos)

Another rare one? - only been on my site for over 4 years

But I am relaxed – The Jack Bruce Solo remaster series is great (thanks Jack for upholding your standards – reviews in the pipeline)  – turn ‘em down to something less then deafening.

 © 2003, Graeme Pattingale