Released: UK – 11/69, US – 6/69

Highest Chart Position: UK – 6, US – 3.

Cover Photograph: Jim Marshall (Australian release cover shown)


This was the first Best Of and it charted quite well. It was also my first Cream purchase as I was still at high school and it contained all my favourite songs (Sunshine, Tales, White Room, Crossroads, Badge, Spoonful). Even when I got the full albums I still used to expect SWALBR after White Room and I Feel Free after  Strange Brew!

Track Listing
(Vinyl only)

(Side 1)

Sunshine of Your Love
White Room


Born Under A Bad Sign
Tales of Brave Ulysses
Strange Brew
I Feel Free

Note: the photo is in mirror reverse on this cover!
Photograph taken in the stair well of the Sausalito Hotel, February/March 1968

1997 by Graeme Pattingale