Graeme's Bootleg Rating System

These ratings are meant as a guide to those that are considering trying to obtain bootlegs to add to their complete "official" releases.  I consider the 1966-67 unofficial live recordings as important as there are no alternative official releases.  The 1968 unofficial recordings are for completists as the official recordings are extensively available in superb audio quality with, hopefully, more to come.  It should be noted that bootlegs are very chancy with quality of the originals varying greatly and the reproduction by the bootlegers even more so.Collecting is a chancy operation - one person's excellent is another person's dross.

Email me for advice as to possible availabilty and sources.

Importance = The importance in understanding Cream's musical development. 2 - Some interest, 3 - Worth having, 4 - Considerable interest, 5 - Get it

Music = The quality of the performance and their playing. 3 - Solid, 4 - Typical, 5 - At their best

Sound = This is the difficult one. Let the remasters of   Those Were The Days = 10. 0 = Not worth the effort, 1 - Just listenable, 2 - Adequate, 3 - Good, 4 - Very Good, 5 - Surprising Quality worth official digital remastering.