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In a nutshell - this is the best Cream DVD yet and in wide screen.  The guys are interviewed pre-reunion and then during the reunions.  Chris Welch (an excellent job by Chris!) has got some very blunt responses from them in the interviews.  Eric looks exceedingly fit, Jack, doesn't  (perfectly understandable) and Ginger - still smoking like a chimney but looking ageless.  

Ginger is interviewed on his farm in South Africa and shows off his polo ponies - and we get a bonus drum solo.

A big bonus is the interview with Ben Palmer who recounts how he got the job of Cream's road manager and some precious detail on the Glams debacle in Greece.

Many edits of standard film clips are used but we do get one new one recorded in Sweden - just a pop show cheap production but it was  unknown to date and thus precious.  The Revolution club clips receive a nice transfer to DVD and the full version is included in the extras as are several of the other clips.

I'm not going to give away anything more (I will comment after release) - get it and enjoy - I REALLY did.  

PS - Some Ginger Baker quotes:  "My back is fucked..." prior to the reunion -  "I hadn't played the drums for over 2 years".  And the interview after the 1st Madison Square Garden's Show is explosive.

PPS - I'm in the credits on this - much to my surprise.  It doesn't effect my opinion of it however - its good despite my name included.


The much-anticipated Premier Episode of The Classic Artists Series of DVDs has been confirmed for this autumn with the release of ‘Cream’, the story of the world’s first rock trio and Super-Group. Their story is told by ‘Cream’ members Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker in a combination of rare archive footage and exclusive new interview material that was specially filmed for the documentary.

 The DVD consists of a 2 hour programme plus 111 minutes of DVD extras which include 30 minutes of non-stop live ‘Cream’ performance footage, a photo and memorabilia gallery and extended interviews. On sale from September 25, the DVD also comes with a bonus audio CD of five previously unreleased ‘Cream’ tracks known as the Swedish Sessions which were made in 1967 for Swedish Radio and digitally re-mastered for The Classic Artists Series.

Paris June '67: EC, Charlotte Martin, GB

There is also a stunning 16-page full colour booklet with rare archive photographs of ‘Cream’ and inserts written by famed Melody Maker journalist Chris Welch.

When guitarist Eric Clapton joined drummer Ginger Baker and lead vocalist/bass player Jack Bruce for four shows at London's Royal Albert Hall in May last year, 37 years after ‘Cream’ split, it was hailed by fans and critics alike as the most eagerly awaited reunion of all time. The concerts, followed five months later by three sell-out nights at New York's Madison Square Garden, were seen as proof that miracles really do happen. 

In the wake of these appearances, Clapton, Bruce and the notoriously reclusive Baker have been persuaded to talk at length about their time together.  They reminisce about their first meeting, their early fame, conquering America and the final, painful split. They discuss how it felt to reunite at the Royal Albert Hall, ironically where they played their last ever concert on November 26th 1968. They also reveal their thoughts on whether or whether not there might be a future for ‘Cream’.

Aside from the band members, a host of contemporaries and associates give their own fascinating insights into the life and times of this most influential of groups. Tom McGuiness of Manfred Mann fame recalls how he formed a band called The Roosters in 1963 with the then 17-year-old Clapton. 

Also supplying fascinating anecdotes and debunking long-held myths are the likes of Manfred Mann’s Paul Jones, Yes co-founder Chris Squire, BB King, promoter Harvey Goldsmith, Chris Welch, Rolling Stone editor Dave Fricke, road manager Ben Palmer and Pete Brown, lyricist and ‘Cream's’ unofficial fourth member.

Release Date:              25th September

Running Time:                      120 minutes (+ 90 minutes bonus footage)

Catalogue Number:              DVDCASTC001

Certificate:                           E

Retail Price:                                     £19.99 

Graeme's Comments:   

This looks to be potentially excellent with many rare photos and, most importantly, input from Ben Palmer, at last!  I haven't read comment from Ben since the late '70's.  It contains some footage not available on DVD to date. The March '67 Stockholm recordings should be interesting - looking forward to comparing it to my latest version.  And to prove its real here's the cover ready for the printers:

PS: Review will be up as soon as I get my copy - already ordered.