The Destruction of Cream

The May 11 1968, Rolling Stone contained an extended interview with Eric Clapton.  It also contained a concert review of Cream by Jon Landau.  The review was critical and included a critique of Clapton as a guitarist.  When Clapton read it, he fainted.  It was to have a profound effect on him and it accelerated the demise of Cream.

Ginger Baker…”Eric took it too fuckin’seriously”

Jack Bruce …”In hindsight there was some truth in it but it really hurt at the time.”  

Thanks to some research by Greg Renoff of Waltham Massachusetts. The concert that Landau reviewed has been tracked down.  What is most interesting is that:

1.      Another review of the concert exists

2.      Landau’s Rolling Stone review is an edit/variation of a longer review.

3.      A bootleg recording of the concert exists.

Brandeis University

A very long standing gig date for Cream was Brandeis University, Saturday 10th September 1967.  It was always reported as starting at 2.15a.m on the Sunday.  One of Cream’s best bootlegs was also purported to emanate from this gig.

Greg Renoff has found that Brandeis was on vacation at this date.  Fall term started on the 17th September 1967.  

Further research revealed that Cream were booked for Saturday 23rd March 1968.  They arrived late as they had to fly in from Indiana – great scheduling that also resulted in the cancelling of another gig.  The show was organised by The Student Service Bureau  - they were really needing to make a profit as the previous major gig of The Four Tops lost $2,400 (“The Justice”, March 12 1968).  

The late arrival of Cream caused some palpitations as the Student Service Bureau would have lost another $2,451.  The late arrival caused additional costs of overtime and a fill-in band.  However they made a profit $1,154 from a gross of $8,994, with 2,800-2,900 attending ("The Justice" April 2, 1968, P1.).  Cream’s fee must have been about $5,000.  

A Tale of Two Concerts?