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Drumkit 2

Drumkit 2 saw Ginger through the heavy touring of  2nd half   '67 and 1st half '68.  That kit took a thrashing to say the least - the stress on the shells and fittings must have been enormous resulting in component replacement 

For the Final Tour Ludwig provided a new kit with there own fittings.  This kit showed the design changes engendered by power Rock drumming - the heavy fittings and four legs on each bass drum. One assumes that the shells may have had increased reinforcement as well.

albertkit.jpg (29014 bytes)
Note the double legs on the bass, equal 14"  depth of the floor toms
& splash cymbal

In publicity photos Baker is seen playing a Ludwig 5" chrome Super-Sensitive (not Supra-Phonic) snare.  This has a very unusual  batter raised almost  level with the rim (riveting on the rim can be seen in this photo) - probably to get a deeper tone closer to the Leedy and to ensure greater penetration by allowing rim shots as standard strokes (check out the Farewell video)*.  As they were being filmed at the Albert Hall concerts he played this snare but the Leedy remained the main concert snare with Ludwig as spare.

drumkit2.JPG (26621 bytes)
Note the heavy Ludwig fittings, chrome snare and 15" hi-hat.
Also the 13" crash has moved to the top tier.

The cymbal configuration did not remain the same (Courtesy Michael Briefman):

15" New Beat Hi Hats and adjusted cymbal layout.  Based in Michael's info I may have to change some of   my layouts.

* Baker was a compulsive rimmer which has two variations - hit the rim cleanly which provides a different sound (the Leedy has very heavy cast rims as befits a marching style snare) and hit the rim and batter simultaneously which gives a loud penetrating snare shot.  The latter has the disadvantage of occasional snare/rim separate sounds. Baker also used  the same technique on the top-toms but with a greater propensity for rim/batter sound separation.

alameda.jpg (43907 bytes)
At the Alameda Coloseum soundcheck - he's been practising - check the bass batters

Note: The cymbal descriptions are based on best advice and eye-balling the photos.  The actual array probably varied as different cymbals were used. I stand to be corrected on my analysis.

Final note: The Silver Sparkle kit (which variation?) is now in the hands of Ginger's son, Kofi.  Ginger still uses the Leedy snare, hi-hat, 22" rivetted (now his main man), and several of the other cymbals.

Drumkit 1     Drumkit1 Variation

Sources: Chip Stern, Bob Ciani "Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties", Ginger Baker interviews, Dan Tingstrom, Warren Baker, plus lots of photo analysis expecially from the new Chris Welch "Cream".

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