Elvin Ray Jones

September 9 1927 -May 18th 2004

By Francis Wolf

I first heard Elvin on "A Love Supreme" then was completely blown away with his playing on "Live at Birdland".  The John Coltrane Quartet was a roaring furnace anchored on the bedrock of Jimmy Garrison.  As another fan said to me over 30 years ago - "Coltrane had to play like that or Jones and Tyner would have blown him off the stage."  He is my number ONE drummer.

That's enough from me on The Emperor Jones, check out this great site.

And if you can afford it and like hard modern jazz - Mosaic's "Complete Bluenote Elvin Jones" is magnificent.  "Live at The Lighthouse" is  great and you can hear the longest recorded jazz drum solo (that I have ever heard - correct me if I'm wrong) - thanks Ginger, its incredible.