Eric's psychedelic 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG

BIG Revelation:  The SG is not a 1961 Les Paul as everyone (including me) believed.   Bill Walker has pointed out that this guitar has 6 screws on the scratch plate which was not introduced until 1964 (I have confirmed this).  So this is a 1964 Gibson SG with no PAF's and, originally, the deluxe Vibrolo as standard.  Here's the photos pointing out the extra screw.

Currently owned by Todd Rundgren.

From Guitar World magazine

sgback.JPG (11837 bytes)
Thanks to information provided by Bill Walker I am now correcting my statement that the neck wasn't painted.
The neck and indeed the fretboard were painted.  The paint was removed probably after the photo shoot.
However some residual paint remained on the upper frets and is visible on a few phtographs. 
The above is not an accurate reproduction but guesswork.  I believe it is probably not even the original neck.

When Todd obtained it it was in poor condition. He had to have the head and some of the neck replaced and generally repainted. The repainting is not completely accurate especially the head and bottom cutaway. I have included some close ups of the areas I believe (allowing for photographic over-exposure on the early photos) that are not quite accurate. Also note the replaced tail piece which was a post EC addition. Knobs are also questionable (definitely not all the originals). Still, isn't it lovely!

2000 Graeme Pattingale & Bill Walker