Some of My Favourite Music

If you really like Cream you might also like the less well known:

Colosseum "Live"

This is Jon Hiseman’s band (he replaced Ginger in the Graham Bond Organisation and was on Jack’s "Songs for a Tailor" and "Things We Like") with Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dave Clempson, Dave Greenslade (a great organ player), Mark Clark (heavily influenced by Jack and plays an EB3) and one of Rock’s great voices - Chris Farlowe. They only did one short tour of the US before they broke up. A power house band that really roars on this album right from the opening "Rope Ladder to the Moon" to the end of "Lost Angeles". Turn it down to deafening!

PS: Their 1994 "Reunion Concerts" is also great and includes their classic "Valentine Suite".

Patto "Sense of the Absurd"

This was a brilliant and ignored band who’s members had tragic histories. Patto comprised the brilliant Ollie Halsall on gtr (od’d in 1992), the rockin’ Mike Patto on vcls (died of leukemia in 1979), power bass of Clive Griffiths (partially paralysed after a car accident in mid ‘70s) and the driving drums of John Halsey (drumming curtailed by injuries sustained in same accident). This is their first two albums (1970/71) plus bonus tracks on 2CDs. It is exciting stuff, which was ahead of its time. Ollie was one of the best of the 2nd generation of guitarists and a competitor to Alan Holdsworth at the time. Only available from the England.
Focus "Focus 3"

A band from Holland that had surprising success in the early seventies as they had no real vocalist! Instrumentally, very strong all round, especially Jan Akkerman’s excellent gtr and Thijs Van Leer’s organ and flute. This was a double album, with extended instrumentals, recorded in four days "live" in the studio in 1972 (now on a single CD).

Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express "The Complete Live Oblivion"

Brian Auger is one of the lesser known but very important figures in ‘60s British R&B/Rock scene (Rod Stewart, John McLaughlin, Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll were members of his band at some time). Heavily jazz influenced, his keyboards powered many sessions and hit songs. The 3 albums on 2 CDs was recorded in 1974 at the Whisky a Go Go. A young Steve Ferrone plays very tasty drums. Its sort of Rock/funk jazz that was popular at the time but subsequently faded away. Brian’s blend works very well and has lasted the test of time much better than many others. Another very underrated musician and band (at least he owns his recordings!).

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