Future Releases?

There are additional recordings that would be worthwhile releasing. These are not exploitative but provide a complete and valid body of work of a classic Rock band of 30 years ago.

The recordings available for potential release are:

BBC radio recordings (see list below) – at least 1 CD

Alternates from the March and Oct 68 Live recordings – at least 1 CD

Stockholm Concert Radio recordings – 25 min

Studio tracks comprising: Cat’s Squirrel (undubbed alternate take), Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (alternate) and White Room (Version 1). One can assume that no alternates exist from the Gears sessions. Other tracks from the Fresh Cream sessions ie the Alternative Cream, could be considered but they’re only of very marginal interest.

1993 Hall of Fame performance, but is it relevant?

BBC Radio/TV Recordings

Oct. 21/66 - ‘Bandbeat’ BBC Radio 1, London, England (1st BBC appearance)
(Spoonful, Sleepy Time Time, Rollin’ and Tumblin’)

Nov. 8/66 - ‘Saturday Club’ BBC ‘Light Programme’ Radio 1, London, England
(Sweet Wine, Steppin’ Out, Wrapping Paper, Rollin’ and Tumblin’, I’m So Glad,
Sleepy Time Time)

Nov. 28/66 - ‘Guitar Club’ BBC Radio 1, London, England
(Crossroads, Sitting On Top Of The World, Steppin’ Out)

Dec. 9/66 - ‘Rhythm & Blues World Service’ BBC Radio 1, London, England
(Cat’s Squirrel, Traintime, Hey Lawdy Mama ("CROSSROADS" Clapton Box Set),
I’m So Glad)

Jan. 10/67 - ‘Saturday Club’ BBC ‘Light Programme’ Radio 1, London, England
(Four Until Late, I Feel Free, Traintime, N.S.U., Toad)

April /67 - ‘Simon Dee Show’ BBC TV London, England
(Strange Brew)

May /67 - ‘Easy Beat’ BBC Radio London, England
(Take It Back, Tales of Brave Ulysses)

May 30/67 - ‘Saturday Club’ BBC ‘Light Programme’ Radio 1, London, England
(Strange Brew, Tales of Brave Ulysses, We’re Going Wrong)

Oct. 24/67 - ‘Top Gear’ BBC Radio 1, London, England
(Take It Back, Outside Woman Blues, Tales of Brave Ulysses, Sunshine of Your Love,
Born Under A Bad Sign)

Jan. 9/68 - ‘Top Gear’ BBC Radio 1, London, England
(Swlabr, Politician, Steppin’ Out ("CROSSROADS" Clapton Box Set), We’re Going Wrong, Blue Condition

This is the complete BBC recordings.
Some of the master tapes may no
longer exist but a large number do.
[Supplied by Bob Elliott who can advise
on alternate Cream recordings]

Swedish Radio

Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 3 March 1967.
N.S.U., Steppin' Out, Traintime, Toad, I’m So Glad

These could be combined with the few studio tracks worth officially releasing and the Hall of Fame performance to make up a CD.

March and October 1968 Live Recordings

Suggested alternates and unreleased:

Cats Squirrel, Politician (Goodbye version), NSU (Live Cream version), Sitting on Top of the World (March version), We’re Going Wrong, Crossroads (March alternate), Spoonful (March alternate), Passing the Time/Drum Solo (October), I’m So Glad (March version).

A pretty full CD

Updated 20th October

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