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Sanctuary Records/BMG Distrubution,

Jack Bruce's last 'solo' album, "MonkJack", was released in 1995 - Yes, 1995! Well, the wait was worth it.

This is his best since the brilliant pair of 'Songs for a Tailor' and 'Harmony Row' and, maybe, better then 1993's 'SOMETHINELS'. It's a co-operative with Kip Hanrahan who co-produces with Jack, provides lyrics for 3 songs and his band for the core musicians. The most interesting thing is that Jack is completely responsible for 7 of the songs and only one new Bruce/Brown composition is included. His lyrics are now very strong - Jack has entered a new phase in his song writing.

The album includes reworks of the Cream classics "Sunshine of Your Love" and "White Room" featuring Eric Clapton on guitar plus vocals on Sunshine - and very nice guitar too. My sources inform me that the sessions was extremely amicable, quick and satisfying - the old magic. It's always hard for artists to revisit their masterworks and create something new. Jack has retained the original construct but added a Latino rhythm to change the feel. It's always risky to change the 'classics' but Jack has every right - they sound great and have a good feel.

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Guest musicians, besides EC, include Gary Moore, Mac Rebennack ('Dr John'), Changuito Luis Quintana and a very strong presence form Vernon Reid. The drummers are listed as Robby Ameen and El Negro Horacio Hernandez. Whoever is on kit is another in Jack's long line of great drummers and which one is on the Latin drums is also damn good.

One of the great things from this project is that Jack is touring with the core musicians as his band (The Cuicoland Express) with Vernon Reid on guitar and the legendary Bernie Worrell on keys. I already have heard a recording of a promo gig for this band and they are HOT. They are touring, possibly including Australia (hope, hope), so go and hear 'em.

That's it - Buy the CD and Enjoy - I am, and very loud, at this moment.

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