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Live In Albuquerque

New Mexico U

5th October 1968

Albuquerque was the 2nd gig of the Final Tour. The Oakland performance had been poor by any standards. One day later they managed to pull off a superior performance - a little practice goes a long way and maybe they did some more rehearsing at the sound check.

The set list is morphing into the form that would be pretty rigidly followed for the rest of the tour. Toad reappears, Spoonful moves to the end but Deserted Cities of the Heart is yet to be replaced by Crossroads. Energy levels are up, timing has improved and techniques have sharpened. The performance is not as good as Dallas but it contains a quite excellent Deserted Cities of the Heart - superior to the official release with Clapton producing a slashing solo. Unfortunately Spoonful, typically, fails to fire up and is mired in blues noodling mode.

White Room (Bruce/Brown) 6.11

Politician (Bruce/Brown) 5.26

Iím So Glad (James) 7.57

Sitting on Top of the World (Burnett) 6.45

Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 5.18

Deserted Cities of the Heart (Bruce/Brown) 5.25

Toad (Baker) 11.07

Spoonful (Dixon) 17.08

The one notable thing is the volume of the guitars vs the drums/vocals. Clearly the PA was not up to it, which was a common occurance on this tour. Baker simply could not compete with the new stacks and was to become increasingly frustrated when people told him that they couldnít hear him. This was one of those shows. There are other examples of this on the bootlegs - Rhode Island.  Even on Dallas, which is quite well balanced, the drums are clear but not full sounding.  The basic miking of the anouncement mike, over Ginger's left shoulder, and one between the bass drums is not adequate.  The extra expense of touring with an auxilliary PA and extra mikes would have been a good idea but Ginger wouldn't accept Jack's suggestion.  However this doesn't explain the change in balance between the '67/early '68 boots and the final tour.   That will be the subject of a future technical discussion of amps and speakers.

Recording is reasonable audience well back in the auditorium, thus hall boom and recessed vocals and barely audible drums. The boom has been reduced , tape noise cut but nothing can be done about the vocals or drums. Still, its a pretty good concert worth a listen for Deserted Cities alone and a compact Toad but you can skip Spoonful.

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