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29th August 2006 & 9th September  
New Cream DVD to be released & pre-review  
& it looks to be a quality production  
Blind Faith in Hyde Park DVD review  
11th February 2006 Blind Faith Live in Hyde Park to be released on DVD on 10th April.  Only fragments have been previously released - Well All Right and Do What You Like and some of Sea of Joy.
4th December Reunion slightly updated:

Correction: NO Alternate takes are included on the CDís and Sitting on Top of the World is not included - the DVD PCM stereo is better.

2nd November  
MSG Review  
New BBC Boot  
  16th October 2005
RAH Reunion DVD reviewed Warms the heart to see 60-66 years olds play like this.
Press Release & details  
  9th October
  RAH DVD released - 2 DVD's
& 2 CD set 
Review very soon
  BBC+ 2 CD Boot becoming available soon.
Includes ALL available BBC recordings + NME performance.  New material includes "We're Going Wrong" from Paris Pop Festival and the 2nd show "White Room" (incomplete) from the RAH Farewell.  

AND a new version of the March 67 Konserthuset  in superb sound quality.

  8th September

Concerts at MSG confirmed - it was actually on an early morning (6.30 a.m.) national radio news bulletin here in Aus
Tickets on sale 9th September but to American Express card holders only. If there are any left then available to general public.  MMM leaves me out.

29th July 11th August
Cream at Madison Square Gardens, N.Y
24th, 25th & 26th October
Not listed here:
(the OFFICIAL site}

But listed here which Jack Turner informs me is a ticket broker's site!  Be warned!!:
(thanks to Roberto Durantini from Italy for directing me to this)  ...SO it is still not definite! 

29th July comment:
Not on the Garden's web site yet so I think its doubtful.  Note change in dates to what I was originally advised.  23rd is already booked.

24th July  
"Cream: World's First Supergroup" - Reviewed  
  17th July
Cream at Madison Square Gardens, N.Y
23rd, 24th & 25th October
Not finally confirmed but looks pretty strong
  29th May
  THE 2005 RAH CONCERTS (1,2,3&4)
1st May  
Rehearsals have taken place - all is going well.  A concert at Madison Square Gardens was agreed to but Ginger had to pull out for visa problems. EC's guitars updated with new surprise photos from '66
Jan Persson's Cream Photo's
New Ticket & photos of other bands
18th April  
29th March 2005  
Disraeli Gears (Deluxe Edition) Reviewed - at long last

Inside Cream DVD

2nd Feb 2005
7th February - updated contents page

Reunion Sold Out - of course!

5th January  
Reviews of Creamy recordings from Japan Some updates on the drum kits courtesy of Michael Briefman and pLee
Steve Winwood confirms he has guested on EC's new album (also guesting at the reunion concerts?).  A review of his great solo album "Its About Time"  
  19th December
  Reunion is on in May at the Albert Hall - 4 concerts and will be recorded including, one assumes, for DVD
  New Links  21 Nov 2004
  My old friend from the Netherlands - Dick Stam, has a new band:
  And Chip Stern has a site:
  5th July 2004
  Corrections to guitars
29th May 2004  
Vale Elvin Jones  
Marc Roberty is looking for rare photos of EC 
for a new book
Contact me and I will pass your details on to Marc
4th April 2004  
From Gears to Wheels:  The Wheels of Fire Sessions Yes new pages at last 
giglist '68 updated
12th January 2004  
The Sound of Valves The final instalment on the amps
14th December  
Loud and Louder Pt 5 Next - valves, transformers etc
22nd November  
Loud and Louder Pt 4  
9th November  
Loud and Louder Pt 4
In preparing this I had to review The Who's gear so hold on for the next update
The Hi-Hats were actually 14" - confirmed by a drummer who closely inspected them at  a drum clinic and says they have a very distinctive sound.
The Who & Marshall

 Special thanks to:

10th August  

Loud and Louder Pt3

7th July 2003  
The Jack Bruce Remasters  
15th June 2003  
The "Official" BBC Sessions reviewed
Jack Bruce Remaster Series reviews in preparation
The BBC Sessions
8th June 2003  
Great new poster repro from Bob Masse & the original psychedelic photographer of the Cream - Karl Ferris
Accurate - not like some "created"  repros
Tom Dowd

I meant to do this and it slipped by, now corrected thanks to Don Green's urging.  I can't believe how many of my favourite jazz CDs he recorded - superb sound even after 40 years

  More on the amps underway - valves, transformers, long cables etc 
I try to keep it simple but it ain't easy
25th May 2003  

Loud & Louder - The Amp Thing

I've been working on this for a while - this is version three and much simplified.  It was turning into a website of its own. Lots more to follow.
May 18 2003  
Noel Redding
Lords of the Bass Pt 2
Cream: Strange Brew
released on DVD
6th April 2003  

Sorry TWTD regulars I've been busy - house renovations are hell.  Work has been busy and I've been seduced by Home Cinema - already  got two DVD players (inexpensive Chinese ones but quite OK to my eyes and ears) and a lovely 80cm TV (an expensive Sony Wega and well worth the money) and I've co-opted our old 68cm to watch music DVDs through my big stereo - love 'em. I'll have to write up my experiences as there are a lot of myths being spread about DVD surround sound (anything goes when making money)

  The Drumkit(s)
Updated courtesy of Ginger Baker via Chip Stern - Chip was wrong - the Hi-Hats were 15"

BBC Recordings Released.
Nothing really exciting as more material has been available on bootlegs for decades.  A new, very short, Crossroads is included.  I have been advised by Bob Elliott that the sound is marred by excessive digital filtering and he considers it inferior to the available digitally remastered bootleg - review at some stage.

25th August 2002  
Destruction of Cream - 
the Landau review
Brandies U gig & bootleg date CORRECTED  
20th July 2002  

After Cream:  Blind Faith Cont...

A legendary gig date proves to be WRONG and more revelations to come
30th June  

John Entwistle 
Lords of the Bass Pt 1

23rd June  

After Cream:  Blind Faith Pt 1

28th April 2002
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton
Reissues Reviewed
Thanks to Nick for this update.
I've been busy with life and things - be patient
Stuff is in the pipeline - I'm always collecting.

28th February

Got the TWTD site together with  Rick's sites:
Music Links & Liz's Movie reviews

A New Discography  
28th January 2002
Before Cream:
The Graham Bond Organisation
28th Nov 2001  
The Lost Session:
Disraeli Gears Demos
26th August 2001  
Based on superior sounding boot versions: KONSERTHUSERT Nov '67
DALLAS concert
21st August 2001  
Jack Bruce New CD review BBC recordings (minor correction)
July 30 2001  
Biggest change - new URL:
Which remaster is the best? Clearer Contents page (I hope?)
Generally tidied up some old pages
The Disraeli Gears Sessions - Guitar At Last - Jeff did this a couple of years ago.
May 28 2001  
The Disraeli Gears Sessions pt 2  
April 19 2001  
The Disraeli Gears Sessions  
March 3rd, 2001  
Barber, Barber & Baker
Cds reviewed
Cream in Sweden 1967  
January 30, 2001  
New Book Reviewed Ginger Baker Story
Dallas Oct '68 Reviewed

Also, the instruments has been
made consistent with the detailed analysis

The Drumkit(s)
with special thanks to Chip Stern