Outtakes and Alternates
from the
Fresh Cream, Gears and Wheels of Fire Sessions

There are many versions of Cream outtakes and alternates in unnofficial circulation.  Some of these are wrongly attributed and mislabelled.  The following is an accurate description of what is available assembled from several 'audio' sources.  There appears to be some outakes from the 'Gears' sessions, according to John Platt,  but they are not in circulation.

Fresh Cream Sessions

July/Aug 1966, Rayrik Studios, Chalk Farm, London

1. Beauty Queen (J.Bruce) - Rehearsal (2.35)
2. Coffee Song (Colton/Smith) - Rehearsal (2.50)
3. Coffee Song (Colton/Smith) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) (2.44)
4. You Make Me Feel (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal (2.38)
5. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal (1.03)
6. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) (2.21)

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Sept 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions, Mayfair, London

7. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Rehearsal (3.06)
8. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Alternate Master (2.57)
9. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Rehearsal (3.05)
10. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Incomplete Master (2.52)
11. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) (2.46)

Oct. 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions, Mayfair, London

12. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal (3.06)
13 . Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) – Rehearsal* (3.55)
The legendary feedback version, quality varies significantly on the versions I’ve heard. Most of it appears to be deliberate to enhance its, in reality, purely mythical status.

14. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Incomplete Master (3.13)
15. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) (3.13)
16. Sleepy Time Time (Bruce/Godfrey) - Alternate Master (4.12)

Nov 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions, Mayfair, London

17. Four Until Late (Johnson) Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate) (2.04)
18. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (Morganfield) - Alternate Master (4.36)
19. Toad (Baker) - Rehearsal (4.16)
20. I’m So Glad (James) - Incomplete Master** (3.49)
Also slightly sped up but could also be a different take.

Note: Some sources describe additional outtakes, these are: "You Make Me Feel 2" which is a duplicate of ‘3’; "Wrapping Paper 2" which is a duplicate of ‘4’; "I Feel Free 2" which is a faulty copy of ‘9’.

Rehearsal - working on the song before making a master take

Incomplete Master - An early stage in the creation of the released master. Additional overdubbing yet to be completed

Alternate Master - A completed master with some variation from the released version

Master, Alternate Mix - The released master but with a mixing variation, usually a mono mix and slightly tighter edit.

Acetate - From a record, vinyl surface noise present. The term ‘acetate’ dates to pre tape recorders when recordings were literally cut directly to an acetate disc master.

Disraeli Gears Sessions

8. Tales of Brave Ulysses (Clapton/Sharp) - Master, Alternate Mix (2.46)
B-Side mono mix - very differnt balance

Wheels of Fire Sessions

3inforestsmall.JPG (24561 bytes) July/Aug 1967 IBC Studios(?) or Ginger's or Jack's home, London

1. La La Song (1.15)
2. Singalong (.24)
3. Tuba Tune (.35)
4. Spike’s Theme (.37)
5. Blue Moon (2.46)
6. Polonaise Jam (3.40)
7. Barrelhouse Blues (4.19)

Tracks 1-7 feature Ginger Baker on Spoons/Percussion & Vocals, Jack Bruce on Piano & vocals except for 1 on Acoustic Bass, Eric Clapton on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals, Felix Pappalardi on small Tuba & Acoustic & electric Bass. Titles are mine except for "Blue Moon". "Spikes Theme" is a jam on a Spike Milligan tune from the Goon Show. Note: these are the guys having some very stoned fun.

July/Aug 1967 IBC Studios, London

9. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - Version 1 Master (4.14)
"White Room Version 1" Master was rebuilt into the released version - only the drums were retained. The ending jam was roughly edited on this version.

10. Falstaff Beer (Baker, Bruce, Clapton) - Rehearsal (1.23)
11. Falstaff Beer (Baker, Bruce, Clapton) - Master (1.01) (note - doesn't have commercial voice over as on "Those Were the Days")

Dec 1967 Atlantic Studios, N.Y.

12.  Sitting on Top of the World (Burnett) - Master, Alternate Mix
This was the original B-side (Bad Sign as the A-side) mix remixed for the album release

13. Anyone for Tennis (Clapton Sharp) - Alt Master (2.35)
The released "Anyone for Tennis" had the vocals redubbed with slightly different lyrics

14. Pressed Rat and Warthog (Baker/Taylor) - Alt Master (3.13)
The released "Pressed Rat and Warthog" had the 1st guitar break in the ending Coda redubbed.

Oct, Dec 1967, Feb, June 1968 Atlantic Studios, N.Y.

15. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - Single edit from Acetate (3.03)
The "White Room" single edit dropped one verse and truncated the ending jam.

16.  As You Said (Bruce/Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix
Remixed in June for the final master


Graeme Pattingale, 2001