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And my memory - very dodgy!

Those sources marked with # are highly recommended


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About me (if you’re interested, its pretty boring)

I’m a Librarian at Penrith City Library (Sydney, Australia) mainly doing systems management e.g. I set up and manage this web server. I found Derek’s site and thought I could do something like that instead of just taking care of machines & WinNT! So I started work on my Cream site to compliment Derek’s. It was also a chance to learn Frontpage and web page design. (That's basically an excuse for some vanity publishing!)

Cream was my first real music interest starting in 1969 or possibly late 1968 (it was a long time ago). Intensely listening to their music for my reviews has re-affirmed that they were/are musicians of the very highest calibre. Cream was a combination of enormously creative individuals that produced music (studio and live) that is unique and a fountain-head for Rock music. They were, luckily for me, a great starting point as they were my first step on the path that inexorably led to the river that is Jazz. I’ve been collecting records and, now CDs, ever since.

I’m not interested in a flash site just informational – a serious, heavy site. When I’m satisfied with what I’ve done on Cream, I'm going to do a Ginger Baker site, as there’s already excellent sites for Jack and Eric, especially because I love drumming!!!.

Check out my recommended, obscure, post Cream music and hey, TAKE A CHANCE, I did over 25 years ago and still continue to!

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My friend from Melbourne - Mark Wakeham & Me
(the house name plaque was a present from my wife for '98 Christmas
and is actually a private joke - so don't blame me)

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