Cream was a member of the first generation of long touring Rock bands i.e. months of one-nighters. Unfortunately they missed the few filmed Rock events from that period: Monterey, because Stigwood declined, and Woodstock which was after they had broken up. The major visual source for Cream is the BBC video of their farewell concerts at the Royal Albert Hall on 26th November 1968.

Ginger describes the concerts: "It wasn’t a good gig…Cream was better than that." However for decades it has been the only recorded visual performance and as such was precious. The release of "Fresh Live Cream" in 1993 provided additional clips. Its clips from the Revolution Club validate Ginger’s opinion of the farewell concerts.

At the Albert Hall concert Ginger is drained (not a smile, just playing it out); Eric is world weary; Jack looks like he could play and sing under wet cement (and still can!). The band had ended over 6 months earlier, Ginger: "We knew it was all over. We knew we were just finishing it off, getting it over with."

In combination with the audio recordings, these videos show how fundamental to their chemistry were Crossroads, I’m So Glad and Spoonful. Even in the Farewell concert these songs still draw from the core of their individual and group creativity.

A clip of them miming "I Feel Free" and "Strange Brew" (early '67) for TV is included on the video "Cream of Eric Clapton".

Note: Timings as per my video's counter (approximate only)

Farewell Concert

Strange Brew

Fresh Live Cream